UnityVirtual for Unity Virtual Ministries

Many Unity students reside far from a desirable Unity ministry. Their connection to Unity may be anywhere from casual, such as an occasional reader of Daily Word, to long term, perhaps having recently moved away from their home ministry. They may be readers of Unity Magazine, callers to Silent Unity or listeners of Unity Online Radio and its podcasts — or curators of their own library of Unity books and tapes. Many of them tune into any one of 500 or so webcasts of Unity messages arriving via Facebook Live, YouTube or Zoom. How many of them are longing to be part of a Unity community but are unsure of which Unity communities would resonate with them? And how many Unity communities have the programs in place to engage them effectively and welcome them as virtual members of their community? 

Coincidentally, because of COVID, Unity ministries are adapting their programs to reach the many congregants that have decided, for safety or convenience, not to gather in groups in confined spaces. For example, Living Water Spiritual Community, based in Arvada, CO, responded to the onslaught of COVID – and its financial challenges – by selling its building. LWSC now resides solely on the web and is dedicated to virtual ministry. Whether it remains dedicated to virtual ministry after COVID has become less of a health threat will be determined at a future date – but it is certain the remote Unity students will still be remote.

UnityVirtual has been formed to help remote Unity students find Unity communities that have adapted their programs to effectively integrate the Unity student into their community. The website is designed to:

  • Present the affiliate virtual ministries to the site visitor through a ministry-provided profile, including contact information and narrative.
  • Provide basic Unity information for the site visitor not familiar with Unity,
  • Draw the association with Unity through branding and the Daily Word,
  • Provide the site visitor with upcoming online events (classes, concerts and special ceremonies) offered by the affiliate ministries
  • Gather contact information for an on-going marketing effort by giving away a free book,

Seeing which Unity communities seem to resonate with their own spiritual path, the remote Unity student is more easily, quickly and likely to find a community with which they resonate and feel comfortable engaging.

UnityVirtual also assists virtual-committed ministries (including teaching ministries) by:

  • Promoting to the remote, unaffiliated Unity student the ministries that have deliberate engagement programs/processes to meet the desires of the unaffiliated for “community”,
  • Promoting classes and special events adapted for the unaffiliated Unity students,
  • Facilitating virtual “best practices” conferences to improve virtual ministry operations,
  • Providing technical assistance for virtual ministry operations.

Funding of its operations is provided by revenue-based affiliate fees.

If your ministry is ready to reach out to remote Unity students with deliberate engagement activities, contact Rev. David Ridge, the founder of UnityVirtual, at 720-935-3999. He can discuss with you the benefits of joining a growing affiliation of virtual-committed (but not necessarily virtual-dedicated) ministries to meet your future members where they are, in their homes, browsing the web.